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Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in Visakhapatnam

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in Visakhapatnam

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in Visakhapatnam – Visakhapatnam is an industrial center located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The location is famous for beaches, including Ramakrishna Beach, etc. The estimated population of Visakhapatnam is 4.3072 Million. This motivates businessmen to grow their business and earn more. We are in Visakhapatnam to serve you and give you the opportunity to own the herbal business by collaborating with us for the best products. So, you can trust us for your herbal business accelerates. Read the article for information about herbal Medicine third party company in Visakhapatnam.

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All these companies are the top ayurvedic third-party manufacturers in Visakhapatnam with quality and safe products. With the use of the latest technologies in the Indian Pharma Industry that helps to produce a wide range of ayurvedic medicines and products. Moreover, Visakhapatnam holds a huge demand for herbal medicines with 20.4 lakh of population. These companies make their customers fully satisfied by delivering the best quality of ayurvedic medicines at an affordable price.

List of Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in Visakhapatnam

Check the below-mentioned Ayurvedic third party Manufacturer in Visakhapatnam for investing in Pharmaceutical business. We have given the details, registered address and some of their product list for your help.

1. Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Limited:

Kerala Ayurveda Limited is a One-of-its-kind, Full-spectrum, and Listed Ayurveda Company in India with a rich heritage of over 70 years and has touched the lives of over a million people. Its Footprint spans Wellness Resorts, Hospitals, Clinics, Academies, Products, and Services in India & the US. With over 350 Classical & Proprietary Formulations, thousands of Acres of Herbal Farms, a Herbal Garden that leverage the beneficial effects of over 1200 Medicinal Herbs, its own Manufacturing Facilities and R&D Centers, Kerala Ayurveda Limited is in a League of its own.

Being one of the largest manufacturers of Ayurvedic Medicine in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and the first Public Limited Company in Ayurvedic domain, Kerala Ayurveda Limited is truly on a mission to be the number one choice in Ayurveda Globally. KAL (Kerala Ayurveda Limited) carries KGK Panicker’s Mission and Objectives, contributing further to the development of Ayurveda to benefit the International Community in Healthcare. The product list includes:

  • Organic Red Rice
  • Orange & Ashwagandha Soap
  • Aravindasavam
  • Glymin Atta
  • Saraswath – Arishtam
  • Balakalpam
  • Memory-Boosting Brain Power Catalysts
  • Glymin Diabetic Drink
  • I-Clear 10
  • I-Clear 10D
  • Jeerakarishtam
  • Pilogest Capsule
  • Draksharishtam
  • Rasnadi Choornam
  • Dasamoola – Jeerakarishtam
  • Alsactil Tablet
  • Laxinol-H Capsule

Contact them – FCI Nagar, Sai Nagar, Marripalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530018

2. Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal:

Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, (AVS) is a 117 years old Charitable Institution engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda, the ancient health care science of India. AVS offers classical Ayurvedic medicines and authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies to patients from all over India and abroad. All classical Ayurvedic medicines, therapies and expert medical advice are available there. AVS has three modern medicine manufacturing units attached to well-equipped quality control labs.

These factories produce more than 550 classical and new generation formulations which are made available to patients through 26 Branch clinics and 1650 authorized Dealers spread across the country. AVS was established at Kottakkal in the Kerala State of India in 1902 by the visionary physician and philanthropist, the late Vaidyaratnam P.S. Varier. Started essentially as a village clinic, it has now grown into a multi-unit, multi-disciplinary, multi-functional and multi-crore organization. It has operations in different areas of Ayurvedic practice. The product list includes:

  • Aswagandharishtam
  • Jirakadyarishtam
  • Draksharishtam
  • Punarnavasavam
  • Vasakadyarishtam
  • Talisapatradi Churnam
  • Mahathiktaka Ghritam
  • Indukantam Kashayam
  • Katakakhadiradi Kashayam
  • Chiruvilvadi Kashayam
  • Dasamulakatutrayadi Kashayam
  • Valiya Rasnadi Kashayam
  • Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam
  • Manjishthadi Kwatham (Brihat)
  • Mustadi Marma Kashayam

Contact them – Raja Rammohan Roy Rd, Suryabagh, Jagadamba Junction, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530020

3. Sri Gomata Gayatri Organics:

Their company Gomata Organics Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2010. They are the manufacturer and supplier of organic products and ayurvedic medicines. It not only gives a healing and soothing touch but also rejuvenates our senses to a tranquil state. Owing to chemical-free composition and age-old majestic formulations, Ayurveda medicines are known for their pure medical properties. Having understood this fact, they introduce ayurvedic medicines to treat and fix every health and skin related issue.

They are a leading manufacturer and supplier of herbal products, ayurvedic medicines, and organic products. The company has brought a new sensation in the medical history. Their company is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. All products are made maintaining the utmost standards in hygiene, with no compromise in quality. Of the products available with them, some are already in popular use, while some are developed by our scientists after extensive research. The product list includes:

  • Gomutra Haritaki – Ayurvedic Health Supplement
  • Panchagavya Ghrita Ayurvedic Health Supplement
  • Gomutrasava – Ayurveda Health Supplement
  • Shata Dhauta Ghrita
  • Ashtamangala Ghrita
  • Arka Lavana
  • Gomutra Ghan Vati Tablets
  • Swarna Prashana Immunity Booster
  • Brahmi Taila
  • Pancha Ksheera Organic Vedic Herbal Hair Oil
  • Kunthala Organic Herbal Hair Wash Powder
  • Kasturi Organic Body Wash – Bath Powder
  • Mukhapaka Lepana – Organic Herbal Mouth Ulcer Gel

Contact them – Plot No. E/36, Vuda Colony, Rushikonda, Near Day Mound, Taraka Rama Nagar, Visakhapatnam-530045, Andhra Pradesh, India

4. Mitra Enterprises:

The company has always been a quality driven company. Their focus is on maintaining their position in the ayurvedic industry by manufacturing products under the strict supervision of qualified professionals. All their products are safe and natural and work the best for skin and hair care and health. Their company is very particular about the raw materials used for the manufacturing of our medicines and other products. They are working hard to deliver the best range of ayurvedic healthcare products all over India and want to help all the people for doing the best business in India.

They are the topmost company and serves the best ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company in Visakhapatnam. Their superlative quality of herbal medicines made them stand above. With years of research and practices, their practitioners produce the best quality of herbal medicines that are highly beneficial for overall health. As they pick the qualitative herbs, roots, and plants to make medicines and products. They aim at providing the best herbal medicines in the Indian healthcare industry and also providing the best market for their associates in different parts of India. The product list includes:

  • Herbal Capsules
  • Path an jali Products
  • Herbal Powder
  • Ashwagandha
  • Bydhyanadh sampoorna
  • Herbal face cream
  • Chyawanprash
  • Life Sciences
  • Baidyanath
  • Kedari Dante Kanth

Contact them – No. 43-9-28, Railway New Colony, Main Road, Beside Sri Kanya, Main Road, Railway New Colony, Visakhapatnam-530016, Andhra Pradesh, India


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