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Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine & Its Business Scope

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine & Its Business Scope

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine & Its Business Scope 2024 –  Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicine systems native to India. This healthcare system includes various treatments known as Panchkarma, including yoga, massage, acupuncture, herbal medicines, and encouragement of general well-being. So, let’s discuss some of the Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine & Its Business Scope.


Ayurveda is an ancient art form. This system works on cleaning the body and restoring the balance between the body, mind, and soul. It emphasizes diet, physical therapy, breathing exercises, meditations, and herbal medicines. Ayurveda is used to treat certain health conditions like anxiety, stress, eczema, high BP, high cholesterol levels, and arthritis. 

The usage and craze for ayurvedic products has increased in recent years. 

The Ayurvedic industry has seen a huge budget allocation by the Ministry of Ayurveda. This budget is really essential for sustained support for Ayurveda R&D initiatives and further strengthening. In the years 2022 and 2023, a budget of 3050 crore unscored the government’s commitment to fostering Ayurveda R&D.

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Different forms of Ayurvedic medicines available in the market –

Ayurvedic Proprietary medicines are the patented medicines that are produced with the ayurveda and contain different herbs.  Some of the Ayurvedic proprietary medicines available in the market are given below. 

Ayurvedic medicines bring out qualitative changes in the body through the art of pacification. These medications are available in different forms as mentioned below.

  • Kadha– These are in the form of water-soluble herbs. They are prepared after boiling the herbal mixture in water until a decoction is formed. They are given for curing flu, cold, and cough conditions and treating indigestion issues. 
  • Choornams – They are present in powder form and are consumed with water and milk.
  • Avalehas– Avalehas or lehyams are present in jam form making them convenient for consumption. Chyawanprasha is one of the great examples.
  • Vati- These ayurvedic tablets are becoming more and more popular due to their convenient consumption and easy storage.
  • Arishtams– This is a fermentation of medicinal herbs and is used to provide relief from indigestion issues, respiratory issues, heart disorders, anemia, and memory loss.

The different branches of Ayurveda 

  • Kaya Chikitsa Or General Medicines

Kaya Chikitsa translates to the treatment of the body in Sanskrit. This category deals with the treatment of fever, blood disorders, respiratory disorders, diarrhea, cardiovascular disorders, skin diseases, and neurological diseases.  

  • Bala Chikitsa or Pediatrics 

It refers to infant care and includes medicines related to infants’ nutrition and nourishment. Along with purification of breast milk, malnutrition, pediatric psychology, and developmental-behavioral pediatrics. 

  • Graha Chikitsa or Psychiatry 

This category deals with mind conditions. It is also described as the diagnosis of demonology, evil spirits, and infections. Nowadays, conditions like developmental disorders, depression, anxiety, anger, mood swings are also treated through this practice.

  • Urdhwanga Chikitsa or Ophthalmology

This category deals with the treatment of the upper part of the body like the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat.

  • Shalya Chikitsa or Para Surgical & Marma

This form of treatment deals with the surgical treatment of health conditions. They deal with piles, fissures, ulcers, and pilonidal sinuses along with fractures and dislocations. 

  • Visha Chikitsa or Toxicology

Visha refers to poison. This category deals with the Identification, treatment, and diagnosis of various poisons from snakes, spiders, and other reptiles. 

  •  Jara Chikitsa or Rasayana 

Jara refers to old age. This category deals with diseases related to old age and measures increasing the lifespan, intelligence, memory, strength, and immunity along with the treatment of Geriatric diseases.

  • Vrisha Chikitsa  or Aphrodisiac treatment 

This category works to enhance and improve the health of vagility and progeny health. They use several techniques to treat infertility along with erectile dysfunction and sexual impotency. 

List of the Biggest Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers in India

There are many manufacturers of Ayurvedic products in India. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Dabur India Ltd
  • Hamdard India
  • Himalaya
  • Nutika Herbal care 
  • Zandu care
  • Patanjali Ayurved
  • Baidyanath
  • Forest Essential
  • Vicco
  • Arlak Ayurveda Pvt Ltd 

The reason behind the increase in demand for Ayurvedic products

Ayurvedic medicines have many health benefits as they are chemical-free. Many people are now using Ayurvedic products in daily life ranging from toothpaste to body wash to shampoos to herbal supplements and much more. There are many health benefits associated with Ayurveda mentioned below.

  • Does not show any side effects.
  • Help boost immunity.
  • Help reduce conditions like stress and anxiety.
  • Helps remove toxins from the body.
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Help balance hormone levels.
  • Promotes better sleep and treats insomnia. 

Scope of the Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines

The market size of Ayurvedic products has reached approximately 626 billion in Indian currency in the year 2022. The IMARC group expects to reach a market of about 1,824 billion in Indian currency by the year 2028, showing a growth of 19%. These products hold a great scope in the future. These proprietary medicines come in various formulations under different manufacturers whether it is tablets, capsules, powders, oils, gels, and much more. These products can be used by people of any age and any gender.  The ayurvedic market is expected to see huge growth outside of India as well in regions like the USA, North America, China, and Asia Pacific. 


In conclusion, Ayurveda is still an integral part of our healthcare systems and still is considered relevant. There is a huge variety of Ayurvedic products available in the market. These products show no side effects and have amazing therapeutic properties. The market demand for Ayurvedic products is always increasing and is expected to reach new limits in the coming future.

FAQS on  Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine & Its Business Scope.

Question 1. What is the scope of the Ayurveda in the coming future?

Answer 1. The market size of Ayurvedic products has reached approximately 626 billion rupees in the year 2022. The IMARC group expects to reach a market of about 1,824 billion rupees by the year 2028, showing a phenomenal growth of 19%. 

Question 2. Exactly how old is Ayurveda?

Answer 2.  Ayurveda is an ancient healthcare practice that originated in India around 3000 years ago. Even after having such an ancient history Ayurveda still has found relevance and created a great demand in today’s market. 

Question 3. What does Panchakarma mean? 

Answer 3. This practice includes 5 techniques including Meditation. Acupuncture, Yoga, Herbal medicines, and Maintaining general well-being.