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Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in Kochi

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in Kochi

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer in Kochi – Herbal medicines are the best system for healing that treats diseases with natural formulas. Ayurvedic third party manufacturing is the best method to manufacture products under your brand name. These Ayurvedic companies are the reputed ayurvedic manufacturer in Kochi, they offer third-party manufacturing in all across India. All the production of products takes place in the WHO & GMP certified units. Listed below are the Best and Leading herbal company in Kochi. You can choose any of these companies according to your choice.

The Ayurveda sector in the country is poised to end 2020 with a landmark achievement, touching a gross market size of $ 4.4 billion, or roughly Rs 30,000 crore. To add to the bullish outlook, the Indian Ayurveda industry is projected to record a CAGR of 16 percent until 2025. A key finding of the study is that India’s aging population and the rise of a young population that is health-conscious will drive the growth of the Ayurveda sector. What is significant is that the Ayurveda sector is poised to grow at high double-digit levels in the coming years and that it continues to be the most important player in the global Ayurveda market.

List of Top Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in Kochi

Below given are the Best and Leading List of Ayurvedic third party Manufacturers in Kochi with their registered address and some of their product list.

1. Fair Pharma:

Fair Pharma was established in the year 1993 by T.A Majeed, the company has pioneered the development of a slew of life-saving, health-enhancing drugs devoid of any toxic effects. Mr. Majeed hails from a family in Kannur, Kerala that boasted of a long tradition of Ayurvedic practice. Even from his early childhood, he had a fascination for Ayurveda and its miracle treat effectively. He gained his knowledge of Ayurveda from ancient palm leaf scripts treasured from generation to generation. Following in the footsteps of the Ayurveda Acharyas, he became well versed in this ancient system of medicine.

The company is motivated by a commitment to satisfy and improve the lives of millions through the manufacture and distribution of a slew of medicines meant to treat effectively many diseases formerly considered incurable. Their products are the result of years of research of our R & D division and group of doctors. The product list includes:

  • Arthritis-QR Capsule
  • CFS- QR Syrup
  • Arthritis QR Syrup
  • Cholesterol – QR
  • CFS QR
  • Migain – QR
  • Eyasm – QR
  • Tam QR
  • Prosto QR
  • Bezore QR

Contact them – 67/7948 Fair Pharma, Broadway, Shenoys, Kochi, Kerala 682031

2. Vaishali Industries:

An ISO and GMP Certified Company is committed to manufacture and supply high quality herbal natural products, efficiently in a professional manner, on time, and at the right cost with utmost customer satisfaction, through continual improvement. An exclusive Quality Control team focuses on the Research & Development of minor spices and essential oil-bearing plants found in the region. All the products being manufactured in the company are with the “GMP Standards”; hence they are assured of being high in quality and purity.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest, most modern equipments, and skilled staff. Research is an ever ongoing process for newer and better products. The company suites the availability of more than 100 Holy Lama products in the market. The aim is to bring out as many of the daily use items, making the customers and clients feel and experience a complete herbal natural enhancement that’s made available to them at a fair price. Vaishali Industries began as an all-women enterprise, now handles all the brand products of Holy Lama Naturals. The product list includes:

  • Body and Face Cream
  • Face Wash
  • Hand Wash
  • Yogi Shower Gel
  • Bio Hair Oil
  • C- Rich Herbal Shampoo
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Nalikera Shampoo
  • Aloevera Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Scrub
  • Ramacham Scrubber
  • Rituraj Cream 50 g
  • Turmeric Cream 50 g
  • Cardamom Tea
  • Herbal Fusion 100g (Eco-friendly Pack)
  • Lemongrass Tea 40 Teabags


3. Cochin Arya Vaidyasala Sala:

Cochin Arya Vaidya Sala was founded in the year 1948. The company ayurvedic hospital provides all kinds of traditional Ayurveda Treatments. Here all Panchakarma, Upakarma and Snehaswetha Karma treatments are provided by a team of highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, expert doctors and paramedical staff. The Treatment Center has a homely atmosphere and highly hygienic premises. Cochin Arya vaidya sala has a pharmacy division that runs a number of Ayurvedic Pharmacies which sell all kinds of Ayurvedic medicines, raw herbs, crude drugs, Oils, Beauty Products, etc.

The company has been carried on for four generations and is GMP Certified. They develop, produce and manufacture high quality, state of the art products that bring value to their customers. Their main aim is to provide the below services of essential standards to fulfill customer needs to enhance customer satisfaction and constantly develop the effectiveness of the Quality product. The product list includes:

  • Kshathantak
  • Special Neelibringadi
  • Special Premium Chyanvanprash
  • Maha Narayana Thailam
  • Amruthotharam Kashaayam
  • Aaragwadhaamruthaadi Kashaayam
  • Balaajeerakaadi Kashayam
  • Bhaarngyaadi Kashayam
  • Dasamoolakadutrayam Kashayam
  • Draakshaadi Kashayam
  • Gandharvahastaadi Kashayam
  • Indukaantam Kashayam
  • Lasunairendaadi Kashayam
  • Mahaa raasnaadi Kashayam
  • Nimbaadi Kashayam
  • Musaleekhadiraadi Kashayam
  • Padhyaa punarnavaadi Kashayam

Contact them – Opposite Canara bank, Error main road, illikkappady Tripunithura, Cochin, Kerala-682306

4. Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda:

Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda, the largest network of Ayurvedic ophthalmology centers in the world, has a rich tradition of over 400 years in Chanakya tantra, which is the branch in Ayurveda which deals with ailments that affect the regions above the neck. Through Ayurvedic techniques, Sreedhareeyam successfully treated even seemingly incurable ailments, giving vision to patients from across the world. Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Medicines Pvt Ltd, the group’s medicine manufacturing division is persistent on innovative product development, quality control and standardization of traditional preparations.

All products are developed through years of continuous research and clinical trials. This includes adhering to the processes of ancient Ayurvedic texts and also subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new medicines and treatment methods. At Sreedhareeyam, the latest that the technology has to offer works in complete harmony with the time-tested practice of Ayurveda. This includes over the counter products, classical ayurvedic medicines and also patented prescription medicines which are being distributed all over India and also exported to different countries all over the world.

The product list includes:

  • Chandanadi Anjanam
  • Sreedhareeyam Aswas Oil
  • Wisetone Rejuvenative Syrup
  • Livosree Herbal Capsules
  • Suvarna Face & Neck cream
  • Anu Thailam nasal drops
  • Nethramrutham Eyedrops
  • Mehasree Herbal Capsules
  • Chestomed Cough Syrup
  • Stressex Capsules 100 Nos
  • Sreedhareeyam Eyeplus Eyedrops
  • Sunetra Junior
  • Sunetra Regular
  • Herbal Baby Kajal
  • Sumangala Hair oil

Contact them – Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda, 44/1114A, LFC Road, Kochi – 682017

5. Manara Bio Pharma:

Manara BioPharma is one of India’s pioneering Ayurvedic and Biotechnology products Research center in Kerala. They leverage the excellent business and manufacturing infrastructure, as well as the rapidly growing Biomedical Sciences cluster in the island state. Their aim is to be the preferred manufacturing partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Their aim is to help today’s generation to achieve optimum health to enjoy all the good things in the world and advancement humanity is gaining every second.

Manara BioPharma with its modern manufacturing facility and advanced extraction processes creates Ayurveda remedies that are highly effective with all the natural goodness intact. Recognizing today’s fast-paced culture, stress, changing food habits, and the effects of western medicines which leaves behind side effects while providing a cure. Founders identified the need for natural remedies along with better habits to maintain optimum health in all of humanity. Their product list includes:


Contact them – Industrial Area Palluruthy, Industrial Estate, South Kalamassery, Palluruthy, Kochi, Kerala 683104


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