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Unani Medicine Product List

Unani Medicine Product List

Unani Medicine Product List – Unani-Tibb is a form of traditional medicine practiced in Middle- East and South-Asian countries. It refers to a tradition of Graeco-Arabic medicine, which is based on the teachings of Greek physician Hippocrates and Roman physician Galen and developed into an elaborate medical system in middle age era by Arabian and Persian physicians, such as Rhazes (al-Razi), Avicenna (Ibn-e- Sina), Al-Zahrawi, and Ibn Nafis. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the major Unani Product List by top unani medicine manufacturers.

Unani Medicines are comprehensive medical system, which meticulously deals with the various states of health and disease. It provides promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare. The Unani product system was introduced to India about a thousand years ago by the Muslims and became indigenous to the country. In the Unani system of medicine, there are six basic factors which are considered essential for the maintenance of good health and prevention of diseases. These are Air, Drinks and Food; Sleep and Wakefulness; Excretion and Retention; Physical activity; and Mental activity and rest.

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Unani Product List

Sr. No Name of Medicine Dosage form Uses
1. Roghan Zarareeh Oil Skincare, Haircare
2. Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala Powder Heart care, General Weakness 
3. Habb-E-Hamal Tablet Uterine disorder
4. Arq Gawzaban syrup ease muscle tension and strengthen the nervous system
5. Habbe Jawahar Tablet Mental stress
6. Majun Arad Khurma

Tablet and powder treatment of men’s health problems like impotency, erectile dysfunction, seminal emissions
7. Habb-E-Nishat Capsule and tablets aphrodisiac and retentive
8. Sharbat E Azam Liquid Refreshed your mind
9. Arque-Ajeeb Drops  treatment of diarrhea and cholera


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